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App Minder

App Minder simplifies managing the multitude of passwords and other sensitive information you provide to online sites and notifies you of the important events in your life. With one master password that uses encryption standards adopted by the U.S. government and other entities world-wide, you encrypt other passwords and sensitive information, protecting your data from unauthorized access to your mobile device. And with one master password, you're more likely to create stronger passwords for online sites without the need to remember them, and change them more frequently for even greater security.

With App Minder you also create and manage Google Calendar events and notifications on practically anything...from online sites that required annual renewal fees to birthdays or other events you consider important. So get App Minder today and simplify your life!

Lottery Jackpot Genie

Lottery Jackpot Genie, improves your odds of winning prizes in the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery by using strategies played by those who've won multiple times.

But the best feature of our newest app is the abiliy to create or join a lottery pool with friends and family members located anywhere in the U.S while simplifying the legal contractual requirements of lottery pools. And you get access to the best strategy on the planet for lottery pool players.


Wheel of Wits

Wheel of Wits is a highly engaging, vocabulary and concept building game that is guaranteed to enhance student learning. With Wheel of Wits, students demonstrate their learning by answering questions and writing on a whiteboard, and then spin the wheel to solve word puzzles related to the lesson.

Wheel of Wits addresses the key research findings in engaging students to enchance learning: have students actively participate in observing, writing, listening, thinking, drawing and doing!



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